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2023 GNYSAA Wall of Fame Nominees

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Paul Busciolano (HBQVBAA)

Frank Cambria (Fresh Kills L.L.)

Walter Chaluisant (Works L.L.)

Paul Busciolano (HBQVBAA)

HBQVBAA Player 1971-1981,Bd of Director 1984 - present,Former President, current Vice President, Umpire,Field Maintenance,Director of Purchasing Equipment and Uniforms,HBQVB coaching staff, HBQVB Sandlot ,

GNYSAA Bd of Director 2008 - present, GNYSAA Current Vice President ,GNYSAA coaching staff

I have to thank my father for introducing me to the game of baseball. My first game I went to was in 1968, at Shea Stadium. It was a sunny day, we sat in the mezzanine section under the covering and watched the Mets play the Cubs. Growing up Tom Seaver was my favorite player. From that time forward, I always had a ball and glove. My mom would yell at me, lol, when we would walk to the store, don’t you ever put that glove and ball away. I played from the age of 8 till 18.I have been a member of HBQVBAA as first a player, then field maintenance, umpire and Board Member, since 1971.I started coaching in 1981 and was elected to the Board in 1984.

I have been a member of the GNYSAA since 2008. Lou Santos asked me to attend a meeting and introduced me to the organization. I’ve done most of my coaching in the in-house league of HBQVB, where I wasn’t worried about winning and losing, but most importantly teaching the game of baseball and life lessons to the boys. I’ve coached “All-Star” teams and won some local tournaments, as well as coaching in the Babe Ruth Tournaments and a “travel team” that played in he Bergen Beach NYC Federation league and the Queens Kiwanis league. I’ve also coached as a volunteer for Archbishop Molloy HS for 4 years and at St Mary’s HS for 3 years.

As part of the GNY, I’ve helped Vic doing administrative work, put together teams, as well as being part of the coaching staff of teams that played in local and national tournaments and games.I was on the Board of Metro NY Babe Ruth from 1981 until it ended in 2010. I was the district commissioner of Queens and Nassau County. I helped setup tournaments and worked closely with the different presidents of each Babe Ruth league organization in my area and the state commissioner Alan Kass.I’ve recently joined the Board of the NYC Federation.

Professionally, I worked for the NYC Sanitation for 25 years and retired in 2020.

I have been blessed to have so many mentors and made so many friends in the game.It would take too long to thank everyone who made this all possible, but I would like to thank my father, and all the boys who I have been lucky to coach.

Paul’s positions & organization over his years of service to youth baseball include

Metro NY Babe Ruth ,

Queens Kiwanis,

Floral Park Tournament,

Oceanside Tournament,

Bergen Beach Federation, Metro NY Baseball League ,

Cleveland Scout Team

Philadelphia Scout Team

USA National Team

RBI Tournament

USA Baseball Cup Tournament

WBA Fall Baseball League

Sandlot Tournament

Combat Sports Team from Tennessee

NY Federation Bd of Director 2023 - present

Metro NY Babe Ruth Bd of Director

District Commissioner Queens and Nassau 1981 - 2010

Frank Cambria (Fresh Kills L.L.)

Little League District Administrator Frank Cambria has a load of work piled on his desk in preparation for the NYS 12-year-old All-Star Baseball Tournament. (Photo courtesy of Frank Cambria)

Born in Brooklyn, NY and like most Staten Islanders, we moved in the late sixties after the
Verrazano Bridge opened. Growing up, I played mostly sandlot ball in all sports. The local
church wanted to start a sports program and asked if me and my friend would help, and
participate, while they were picking our brain to see what worked best for boys and girls our
age. Next thing I knew, the league was formed, which I was not only a player, they also made
me a coach to the younger kid’s teams. I was officially a volunteer at the age of 12. From
there we built baseball and football fields as part of the league requirements so we could
play our games. I loved playing sports, but I had to juggle working and going to school at the
same time.
I graduated Pace University with a degree in accounting and business management. I went
back to school and studied engineering and refrigeration, which helped me rebuild and
develop many different baseball complexes. 1985 I married my lovely wife, BettyAnn and
have five great kids and six beautiful grandchildren. After playing several ball games one day,
my wife said you have to sign your kids up for little league and should get involved with
coaching them. Boy that was big mistake. Not only did the league make me a coach, they
put me on as a board of director. I have John Mulia, Harvey Cohen and John Tobacco to
blame for that. From there I became the president of baseball, and then President of Great
Kills Little League.
I served 30 years on the board of directors, 18 years as president. 2019 I
was elected District Administrator of Staten Island for little league baseball and softball. In
1997 I added Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth to our Little Leagues program. Along with that, we
added free instructional clinics for both baseball and softball every weekend. We had some
really great instructors which included guys like Frank Delgeorge, Frank Salzone, Mike Mauro,
Melissa Valencia and many more. Our program became second to none, and our teams
began winning Districts, Setionals, State and Regional tournaments. I was lucky enough to
manage a great bunch of boys in 2011, which was the only Great Kills Little League team to
make it to the 12u Regionals in Bristol, Connecticut. This year we were able to bring the NY
State Little League 12u Tournament to Staten Island, thanks to the NY State LL Association
board and President Danny Cavallo.
In 2004 we wanted to put together a program for travel and enhance the children’s baseball
skills in the 5 boroughs. There were many different baseball groups all working against each
other, so I called a meeting with Phil Festa, Bobby Pecoco, Tom Bracco and Richie Wells. We
hashed out our differences and incorporated The Staten Island United Federation Baseball
League. Bobby Pecoco passed away right after our first meeting and Richie Wells and myself
became Co-Presidents to run the league. NYC Federation Baseball gave us a great
opportunity to build our league and a chance to play all different talent from all over New
York City. These baseball lifers are great mentors and teachers.

In 2014 we added to the program The NY Prospects. It specializes in teaching the game from
the ground up and focuses on development. The program director Greg Belson is an ex-minor
league player who emphasizes practice over game.
What I have found is teamwork is the winning denominator in baseball. People like Karen
Marsillo, John Cingari, Nunzio Difilippo, the 7 Presidents, my ADA staff plus countless others,
which are too many to mention(they know who they are) who I feel have made a real
difference in youth sports, I want to thank each and every one of them. Lastly, I want to
thank GNYSAA BOD and the Grand Daddy of baseball, Mr. Vic Feld. He is a man who is

Walter Chaluisant (W.O.R.K.S.  Little league)

I have been involved in baseball for 30 years and have been a community leader for 15 years. As President of W.O.R.K.S little league, Challenger division, I believe in my kids and help them to believe in themselves. Playing baseball is a small part of the big picture. I strive to help each child develop companionship, leadership, accountability and most importantly, to have fun. The values taught in our program are further exhibited through my past players’ willingness to pay forward their learnings to future members in order to continue to evolve this program. I believe in a winning formula and in helping good kids. It’s unbelievable to be honored by GNYSAA for doing something that I’m very passionate about. I feel extremely grateful, humble, and blessed to be a part of this. Thank you to all who have trusted me and supported me along the way.

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